Steering Team

We have a wonderful team of ladies who work hard to make PBF MOPS a place for you to come and be blessed. Below are a some of the ladies who make this all possible.

Steering Team

Left to Right: Tess Hamilton (Mixed Media),  Sannuthi Schott (Creative Activities), Dani Howard (Finance & Registration), Kelsey Cook (Coordinator), Janet Flores (MOPs Kids Lead), Katie Beckwith (Service), Melissa Moize (Lead DGL), Linda Martin-Culet (Creative Activities), and Kristen VanRaden (Publicity) Not Pictured: Angela Fuller  (Hospitality), Kristin Guy (Hospitality), Jessica Barrutia (Hospitality), Becky McCarthy (Creative Activities), Stephanie Cary (Publicity) and Jenny Dolton (Service)

Discussion Group Leaders (DGL)

Left to Right: Jessica Barrutia, Amy Kinney,  Kendall Ventura, Jackie Walker, Tasha Morand, Melissa Moizel, and Sarah Carter Not Pictured: Caitlin Siefner and Lindsey Sullivan

Mentor Moms

Left to Right: Gwen Geier, Noreen Sell, Marie Nelson, Melanie Ryder, Laura Ibbotson Not Pictured: Kimberly Bleich, Cherie Busch, Mindy Finnegan and Connie Saylor