MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) is a safe place for busy, overwhelmed, in-the-trenches moms to gather. We fellowship with conversation and food. We make friends and find mentors.  We learn and grown and get creative. Together we embrace the journey of mothering: laughing, crying, and encouraging one another. All of this while a wonderful group of volunteers and staff kids watch our kids, giving us a much needed break.

This year, we are Free, Indeed. We are learning to unfold our wings in order to embrace the 
life we've been given and the life we long for at the same time. We are choosing to seek love and lets its voice fill our heads and our hearts. We are going to be gutsy, letting go of other people's expectations and trusty our own inner voice voice. This year, we are learning what it is like to be free. 

Come join us this year.