5 Ways to Break up Fall Monotony - Friday Fun Finds November 4, 2016

The beginning of November can feel a little monotonous. The thrill of the season change is over and most of us haven't taken the plunge into the thick of holiday planning. It is the calm before the chaos of December that sometimes needs its own little bit of excitement. Check out the fun finds below to fun ways to spice up your pre-holiday weeks.

32 Pretend Play Printables

Enlivin your children's creative play with this collection of 32 Pretend Play Printables. Sarah from My Joy Filled Life has compiled printables from all over the web, including a pretend shopping list, veterinarian printables and much more. Perfect to add to your kid's existing toys or print off and include in a Christmas gift. Print on card stock and/or laminate for added durability.

image via My Joy Filled Life

20 Recipes for Kids to Cook

Getting kids involved in the kitchen teaches them valuable lessons about food, work and can bring togetherness over the sometime divisive time of the day. Once A Month Meals, a website known for freezer cooking, has assembled 20 Recipes for Kids to Cook. The list include breakfast, snack and simple main dishes. Older kids may be able to assemble some items on their own, younger kids will  need to work along side an adult. 

image via Once a Month Meals

15 Easy Hot School Lunch Ideas for Kids!

Kid lunches got you in a rut? Check out Ebay's list of 15 Easy Hot School Lunch Ideas for Kids. Some of the ideas are classic while others are a little more inspired. What kids wouldn't enjoy some mini pancakes in their lunch bag. 

image via ebay

9 Easy DIY Spice Blends

Several weeks ago we gave an awesome gift certificate to Raw Spice Bar away as an early bird. Unfortunately we only had 1 gift certificate for a room of 89 women. If you weren't that lucky lady, spice up your cooking by making your own with this chart of  9 Easy DIY Spice Blends from Women's Health. The Italian Spice Blend combined with a little olive oil and vinegar would make an amazing salad dressing and the Indian Sweet Spice Blend might be tasty in lentils over rice.

image via Women's Health

The 1 Thing You Need to Know About Life

Deb from the blog Counting My Blessings wrote a blog about the intersecting of fear, faith and life. Her cover photos with the quote from Blaise Paschal (below) is what really caught my eye but her article is really worth a read, especially if you struggle with fear. 

image via Counting My Blessings

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