Be the Kind, See the Kind: Someone in Need

I have a memory pigmented like an old picture. A dark orange tinged vision of families from my youth gathered in groups around a friend's living room. Boxes filled with canned food & bags of potatoes sitting at people's feet. Our church was compiling Thanksgiving food baskets for needy families in the community.

I hadn't pulled up this shadowed memory in a long time. However, as I sat contemplating November, gratefulness, blessings and sharing those blessings, this imprint came to mind. A lasting piece of family values resting in the recesses of my brain. Proof that kindness lingers. It lingers in the giver, the receiver  and even those on the fringes of the act.

Be the Kind

November marks the beginning of the seasonal call to look outside of our circumstances and give to those in need. Be the kind this month and response to this call.

You might decide to respond to one of the many piece of "junk mail" you receive this month asking for a gift. Or maybe be moved by a sharpie and cardboard sign on a street corner. There is no shortage of people in need. A few ideas you might consider include:

If giving money isn't something that you can do right now, consider giving time. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Watch a single-mom or a military-moms kids for an evening. Donate spare, clean, gently used blankets or coats at accepting locations. 

Bathe this challenge in prayer and intentionally look for someone you can serve this month.

See the Kind

We all have needs. Some of us need a break, others a friends and still more are praying about how we will pay the heat next month. This month, look for how your needs are being met. Maybe it's a friend that shows up with coffee in hand. A play date invite when you've been alone for way to long. Maybe an invite to a meal or an unexpected check in the mail is saving you right now. Sometimes the service will come from the smallest in our lives. Our kids trying so hard to "help" mommy. They are following your example, trying to serve you like you serve them.

As mom's, too often we feel like we spin the world in our hands and we can't ask for help. If we do something will get missed or we will have failed in our role. And even far more too often, we resent life being that way. If you find yourself unable to see the kindness of help in your life, ask for it. 

Take this month to make a need known. Ask your husband to make dinner tonight so you can get a break. Grow a relationship by stepping out of your comfort zone and asking them to watch your child for an hour or two so that you can grab a date night with your sweetie. Admit your struggles to a trusted mentor and ask for prayer. 

We are not meant to spin the world. God has the whole world in His hands. He created community for us to help each other. This month, joyfully help and gratefully be helped.

How has someone helped you lately?