Be the Kind, See the Kind: Intro and First Challange

One of the sub-themes of our Starry Eyed year is kindness. As our steering team talked about ways to focus on kindness, we knew we wanted to focus on both sides of kindness. We wanted to encourage and support the kindness that comes out of each of us towards others: kind deeds, kind words. Plus, we also wanted to elevate the kindnesses we receive. It is so easy to feel the negative put downs and set backs that it is easy to forget about the good. Focusing on the kindness around us provides a healing salve to our world worn spirits. Thus Be the Kind, See the Kind was born.

Be the Kind, See the Kind is designed to encourage intentionality in our actions, to bring kindness to the forefront of our thoughts. Throughout the year, we hope to inspire you to funnel that kindness towards specific people and areas of your life. In turn, we also want you to look for kindnesses from those areas of your life. Sometimes kindnesses received might be hard to identify, but that just makes them all the more important to look for. There is goodness all around us but we must train our eyes to see it.

Throughout this journey we would love to hear either what kindness you showed or the kindness you received. You can share with us in the comments section of the blog or our Facebook post. We hope you enjoy this project of being and seeing the kindness in the world. Now lets get started.

Be the a Stranger

A smile curved my lips as I pried my bent and slightly mangled, star studded envelope out of the mailbox.  My MOPS Intl. membership kit had arrived At my first opportunity, I locked  myself in the bathroom to peruse the envelopes contents in peace: a DIY copper bracelet, a star guide, a book and a little envelope and note card. Suddenly, I was way outside of my comfort zone. 

The little envelope and note card was an invitation, an invitation to write a letter to a perfect stranger and leave it somewhere to be found. Shy, introverted me coiled at the idea of talking, even through paper, to a random person. The note card and envelope are current shoved in a catch all basket in my closet. 

Reflecting on this moment, I wonder what the big deal was/is. We live in a time when we interact quite personally with strangers on a daily basis. Facebook, Instagram, this blog post often bring us in contact with people who we don't personally know. Yet, for many of us, "stranger danger" is still very real. Real beyond safety and into cold isolation.

With our first Be the Kind, See the Kind we are jumping in with both feet and asking you to do something kind for a stranger. The actual action is completely up to you. It can be something small or something big, It can be in secret or out in the open. It is all up to you. Our goal is to open our eyes and our hearts to the people all around us, not push you so far out of your comfort zone that you have a panic attack. 

Here are a few suggestions to get your ideas flowing.
  • Pay for a stranger's coffee.
  • Compliment the person beside you in the check-out line.
  • Write and leave that note card from your MOPS Intl. membership kit.
  • Take a stranger's cart back to the cart coral. 
  • Tape some quarters to a kiddie ride or gumball machine for another person to use. 

See the Kind...from a Stranger

While you are looking for opportunities to bestow kindness on a stranger, also keep an eye out for strangers being kind to you. It might be simple things, like waving you in front of them in a line of traffic or a sweet comment about your kids from an older couple at the grocery store. It is all kindness, someone observing the world and trying to make it a little better. 

Make a mental note of all the little kindnesses you receive. Maybe even start a kindness journal to track the many blessings you will notice throughout this journey. 

How has a stranger shown you kindness lately?