Friday Fun Finds Sept. 2, 2016 - Starry Eyed Finds

One more week until we official start our Starry Eyed year. Until then, get inspired with these starry eyed fun finds.

9 Incredible Photos of our Universe

In all our busyness, the world often gets very small. With the bad news we hear and trials we experience, the world gets very dark. Sometimes we need to step back and see the beauty and magnificence of the world in which we live. BT Images has collected 9 incredible photos of the universe and put them all in one place to help you experience the wonder of our amazing universe. 

Photo by NASA Hubblesite via BT Images

How to take Photos of the Night Sky

The night sky is a magical thing but extremely hard to capture in a lasting fashion. And while it is wonderful to be fully present in the moment, sometimes we want to take a little bit of the magic with us. Corina from Cornina's Corner has five tips on how to capture the beauty of the night sky in photography.

Image by Corina's Corner

DIY Constellation Art

Bring a little of the stars into your home with this art project by Style Me Pretty Living. It is a little bit involved but beautifully worth it for the starry eyed creative. 

Image by Style Me Pretty Living

Twinkle, Twinkle Download

Want to add a little twinkle to your decor by aren't the creative type? Check out Wiggle Word's Twinkle, Twinkle Etsy's download. I think we could all use this reminder that we are brave and beautiful stars that shine.

Image via Wiggle Words

Star Gazing Discovery Bottles

Here is a fun way to experience the starry eyed wonder with your kiddos this year. Make Star Gazing Discovery Bottles. Pre-K Pages has all the instructions to create a captivating, starry experience in your own home.  Tip: I've heard that the Voss bottles used here are the best sensory bottles and they are available at Safeway. 

Image via Playground Parkbench for Pre-K Pages

If you want to see more starry eyed inspiration collected from around the internet, check out our our We Are the Starry Eyed Pinterest board. It is full of inspiring photos, quotes, starry eyed crafts, accessories and much more. 

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