A Fierce Flourishing Challenge - Week 37

This week's challenge:

With our 2015-16 MOPS year coming to a close this Friday, this will be our last Fierce Flourishing Challenge. I hope that these challenges have taken you on a journey through which you were able to experience our themes of embrace rest, celebrate lavishly and notice goodness.

Our challenge this week isn't so much a do and done challenge. This week, think about our themes and the challenges we've done (you can see all of them at a quick glance on our A Fierce Flourishing Challenge Pinterest board) and pick something to incorporate into your life, something to make a habit. A few examples of habits you could commit too include:

Embrace Rest

  • Establish a relaxing bedtime routine and/or earlier bedtime for yourself.
  • Schedule, in permanent marker on your planner, regular you-time to craft, garden, exercise, think, do something you enjoy or just be 
  • Institute a monthly/quarterly "slow-day" where you refrain from filling the day with activities, but focus more on rest and living at a slower pace.

Celebrate Lavishly

  • Establish a regular date night with your sweetheart.
  • Create at least one family tradition.
  • Commit to regularly picking or buying fresh flowers to put on your kitchen counter, table or next to your bed.

Notice Goodness

  • Continue (or start) the practice of daily gratitude journalling.
  • Buy some stationary and regularly write thank-you notes, not just for gifts but for kindnesses and just because you care.
  • Start the habit of sharing what you are grateful for while you are sitting around the dinner table. 
Our goal with this challenge is that as we move on from this MOPS year, we will not leave the themes behind. That though regular practice of a personally meaningful discipline or rest, celebration or noticing goodness, that we will continue flourish.