Called to Leadership - Part 3 Discussion Group Leader

Often when I talk with moms about what they love about MOPS their reply is the community. They love getting together with a group of moms in the same stage of life, moms who can relate and empathize. Some of the key people who help create this sense of community our the women who volunteer to be our Discussion Group Leaders or DGLs.

In a group of peers, the DGL acts like the big sister. At meetings, she facilitates discussion: asking questions and trying to include each woman as much as possible. Outside of MOPS meetings, she checks in with her table moms to make sure everything is going okay, communicate with them about MOPS announcements and sometimes organizes play dates or other get togethers as wanted. You could also think of DGLs as the glue that holds each mom to her table and then connects her to the rest of the group. It is a really important role. 

This year our lead DGL (she helps each DGL be the best DGL they can be) has been Kristin Guy. Kristin has been a part of PBF MOPS for the past 6 years. Several of those she was a table DGL This year, she choose to put all that experience to work to help lead and mentor other moms who stepped up to be DGLs. When asked about how stepping into her leadership role this year has helped her grow, Kristin replied:
 "Stepping IN to the DGL team lead position this year has become equivalent in my mind with stepping OUT of my comfort zone! It has been a good way to help me grow more organized (and boy is their a lot of room for growth their!) and keep me on my toes. It has been amazing getting to know all our DGLs and encourage them in service as well."

When asked about why other moms might want to consider joining leadership, Kristin continued by saying:
 "You have a chance to create the welcoming, loving, encouraging community that is so important to so many of us! You also get a chance to model the importance of service to your little ones. Plus, you know, one more week of kid-free mommy meetings every month!"

Our goal at PBF MOPS is to have a least one DGL per table, so we have a lot of ladies who currently fill this role and will need a lot of ladies to fill this role in the future. If you are interested in becoming a DGL please talk with Kristin Guy, Bethany Dieringer, Michelle de Rose, your table DGL or any mentor mom. Or join us April 12 for our Leadership Lemonade (check our Facebook group for more details). 

Also, what Kristin mentioned about one additional kid-free meeting a month is completely true! Anyone who volunteers to be part of leadership is part of our Steering Team. The Steering Team currently meets once a month to help plan and coordinate our meetings.

PS. To learn more about PBF MOPS leadership, click here