Called to Leadership - Part 2 Finance & Registration

Some of the first people you meet when you come to PBF MOPS are the members of the Fiance/Registration team. These ladies greet you from the front desk with a smile, direct you where you need to go, help you fill out all the forms and collect the payments necessary to keep PBF MOPS running. They are an extremely important part of PBF MOPS steering team.

This year, our Finance/Registration team is headed up by Kelsey Cook. Kelsey joined leadership two years ago as part of our creative team. She did an excellent job planning our crafts but when we needed someone to take over Finance/Registration part way through this year, Kelsey stepped out of her comfort zone and stepped up. 

When asked why she joined leadership, she said "It was my turn to serve instead of being served." She enjoys helping other moms get a chance to relax a little and have fun for a couple of hours. 

Kelsey is coming back again next year to head up the Finance/Registration team but this ins't a job that she can do all on her own. She needs other women to come along side her to help serve. If you were a math or business major, previously had a bookkeeping job or even just enjoy balancing your own home finances, consider joining Kelsey on our Finance/Registration team. 

When asked why she thinks others should serve, she said, "I think if you feel the tug on your heart, you should answer it. It's a lot of fun and you'll meet that many more moms and use whatever talents/skills you've been blessed with."

If you are feeling a tug on your heard to serve on our Finance/Registration Team or any other part of PBF MOPS Steering please join us at our Leadership Lemonade April 12th. Visit our Facebook Group for more information and to RSVP.

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