Called to Leadership - Part 1

I had been attending MOPS for about a year when my call came. The mom who had been doing publicity was leaving and they needed help. My heart beat quickened a bit. Marketing was something I had done in my "past life" and I missed its creativity and the feeling of accomplishment after actually finishing something. However, with a year and half old who wasn't so fond of MOPPETS, I was nervous about taking on anything else. Sometimes, we just need to say "no" and sometimes we need to say "yes."

MOPS was one of the places I needed to say yes. I was able to start out as part of a team and as they say "many hands make light work." Over the past couple years, the ladies I have worked with have graduated from MOPS or moved on to other ministry opportunities. My role in MOPS revolved from the comfortable place I started to learning new ways to communicate and express myself. I found a part of myself that I hadn't paid much attention too.

Every lady in MOPS leadership has a story about how she started. Some jumped in at the first call, others needed a little convincing. No matter the exact details, they were all called to minister in their unique way.

Over the next several weeks we will be highlighting a few of our leadership ladies, how they came to ministry and the role they fill at MOPS. As you read these stories of ordinary moms stepping out in faith, I hope you listened to see if you hear a voice calling your name to serve.

PS. To learn more about PBF MOPS leadership, click here