Meeting Recap February 12, 2016 - Embracing Rest and Relaxation: Spa Day!

This past Friday we had a chance to embrace rest and enjoy relaxation at our annual spa day. Here are a few of the highlights. 

A special thanks to all the people who volunteered to make this day so special.

  • Younique - Joni Johnson
  • Mary Kay - Aimee Quitugua
  • Do Terra - Anita Stabler
  • Young Living - Pam Schneider
  • Massage Env y- Massage Therapist Robert & Esthetician Crystal
  • Gene Juarez - Melissa & Cat
  • Nail Technician - Shana Burden
  • Massage Therapist - Jolene

We were also blessed with enough donations that we were able to pass on the generosity and make a large donation of personal hygiene products and beauty products to the ALIVE shelter.

Also, check out this video that was shared during the festivities!