Friday Fun Finds - New Habits for a New Year

It is only the middle of January. However, resolutions and new habits are already old news on most news feeds. I tend to take a little different approach and often spend most of January mulling over what I want to focus on changing this year; what habits I want to add or remove.

This habit has developed partially because December is often to crazy for me to spend time goal setting and partially because the mother of preschool years are a very difficult time to set a goal and not let life get in the way. For me, I have two little people in my life with needs that are going to change drastically over the year in ways that are often unpredictable. Many of my life goals are on hold this season and that's okay. So the goals I do set need to be carefully thought out. This betters my change of obtaining them.

Even though this is a difficult season for setting goals and following through, it is not impossible. Early motherhood is a beautiful time for personal growth and reflection as our children undo us over and over again. Working as little gardeners in our lives. Tilling our hearts, finding weeds and pulling at them till we finally let those weeds go.

This year, I hope that you prayerfully consider the different areas of your life that you feel drawn to undo and rebuild. Whether you pick a word to help you focus or select habits to help you reach a goal. Below are a few fun finds that might inspire you.

A Praying Mom

There is much more to Courtney's story over on her blog, Courntney DeFeo, but I really loved this idea in specific. Courtney picked one verse to pray over each child for the entire year. She wrote the verse out on a cutout of her child's hand and then laminated it. 

Similarly I've heard of people choose a special scripture for each of their children to pray for them throughout their life. Personally, I find both beautiful ideas. I love the idea of updating the verses based on areas that you are drawn to prayer for your child as they grow. And image in the keepsake of the scripture covered hand prints getting bigger and bigger! Now to find verses for my babies...

Parent & Child Date Coupons

Most of us have probably seen those pre-made husband wife date "kits" floating around Pinterest. Amy from Let's Explore, has a fun variation with Parent & Child Date Coupons. Half the dates are with mom and half the dates are with dad. She has a free printable you can use if you want to use her ideas or use this concept as a springboard to come up with your own coupons. 


When we spend most of our days at home with children with limited communications skills, it is easy to see why we crave communication with the outside world. In this day and age, communication often translates to Facebook and other social media sites. While there is nothing inherently wrong with unwinding for a minutes on social media, many of us find ourselves falling down the internet rabbit hole and coming out the other side unfulfilled much later than we ever expected. 

If your goal is to unplug more this year, may I suggest making a list of things to do that will fill your cup besides the internet and keeping that list where you typically keep your phone/tablet/computer. Then when you are tempted to unnecessarily plug in, do something on your list instead. 

Arabah Joy's article 5 Things to do Instead of Facebook is a wonderful place to start if your goal is to plug into social media less and plug into God more.   

More Colorful, Fruit/Veggie Filled Meals

Cooking and meal planning, not fun but so necessary. Why does everybody have to eat so often? All to often I get food on the table only to see plates filled with food that is all a whitish, yellow color. Occasionally, that is fine. No worries. We all have those days. But when it is that way for breakfast, lunch and dinner all week, that little voice in the back of my head starts to nag me. 

The website Super Healthy Kids (SHK) has a colorful 5 Fruit and Veggies Everyday planner to help track your families fruit and veggie intake as well as some other ideas of how to obtain a more healthy and colorful plate. 

Peas & Crayons also has a fun, kid friendly tracker to help your kids learn what is a fruit and what is a veggie, etc. 

Also, a good reminder when it comes to our kids actually eating their fruits and veggies, "It is our job to make the food available to them. It is there job to eat it." So please take heart when you put the time and energy into making good food for them even if they don't eat it. You are doing your job and you are doing it well.

Read More

One of my personal resolutions last year was to read more. I selected this goal for a variety of reasons including filling my cup, unplugging and being a good example (I want to raise readers so I guess I need to be a reader). Every year, Modern Mrs. Darcy publishes a reading challenge: 12 books. That's it. One book a month. The challenge is flexible enough to mold to your interests and yet helps you get out of a reading rut. So if you want to do something for yourself this year, consider joining myself and a host of other people in the challenge below. 

Want to read more but can't figure out how to find time to read during this season of life? Check out Modern Mrs. Darcy's article How I Find to Read.

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Kristen is a wife and mother who likes to pretend that she can cook, write and create. She is a little compulsive when it comes to cleaning and organizing and has an ever growing love of dark chocolate, tea and Jane Austen. But mostly, she is a woman trying to figure out how to live a life she can be proud of.