A Fierce Flourishing Challenge - Week 19

This week's challenge:

Multi-tasking: a busy mother's best friend. With only 168 hours in a week how else are we supposed to get everything done but do more than one thing at a time. We pay bills while the supper boils on the stove; write our grocery lists while waiting in line for gas. It is a blessing to live at a time when so much multi-tasking is even possible!  Can you even imagine hand washing an entire families worth of laundry when we are used to tossing it in a machine and running off do something else! 

Multi-tasking also helps us fit in some of the things we love while still accomplishing the things we need to do. Such as, folding laundry while watching a favorite TV show or movie. Multi-tasking can be a sanity saver.

However, even with how integral multi-tasking has become to modern life, sometimes it isn't a positive things. Too often, we try adding just one more thing to an already jam-packed moment. Instead of accomplishing more, our tasks get half done, conversations half listened to and our overwhelmed minds are bouncing thoughts faster than Olympic level ping-pong match. What was supposed to help us out and give us more time, has left us exhausted. 

This week, make an effort to focus on one task at a time. Fold the laundry without your podcast playing. Actually look at your clothes. Feel their texture. When you make dinner, just make dinner. Feel the ingredients. Smell the aromas. Enjoy the process for what it is.

Obviously, unless other child care options are in place or they are occupied in blessed sleep, we will be watching children while doing whatever other task is at hand. In essence, multi-tasking. Even so, we can still cut back on what we are trying to accomplish in a given moment. We can be more present and find rest in less.