A Fierce Flourishing Challenge - Week 13

This week's challenge"

The average, everyday for a mom of preschoolers can be hectic enough. Add in Christmas with all of its additional obligations, errands and perfectionist images of memory making and we can drive ourselves absolutely crazy. This week's challenge is meant to draw you out of your busyness. Bring your presence back to this moment and offer a pause of peace.  

Light a candle safely out of the reach of curious little hands (or turn on one of those battery operated candles if you wish) and just breath. Feel the life fill your lungs as your chest rises and falls with each breath. Focus your eyes on the flickering glow. Linger in the smell of match smoke, candle wax and scent.  Focus for 30 seconds, a minute. Block out everything else, pause and rest in the presence of this moment. 

Did you feel it? Did you feel your heart rate slow and your muscles release a little? Did you feel at peace for a moment?

If you safely can, leave the candle burning and return to this exercise throughout your day when you feel yourself getting lost in busyness or stress. Or relight your candle periodically when you need to be refilled.