Children's Book Chat - 10/15/2015

Bear and Bee
Bear and Bee by Sergio Ruggier
A simple story with a powerful message about judging others. While searching for food, Bear meets Bee. Bear has never met a bee before and does not realize that Bee is a bee. Bear has a preconceived idea of how bees look and act, which he shares with bee. When Bear learns that Bee is a bee, he feels surprised and realizes that his fears were unfounded. Bear and Bee become friends.

Owly & Wormy, bright lights and starry nights
Owly and Wormy by Andy Runton
I fell in love with these graphic novels the moment I saw my son "reading" them on his own. My son doesn't often "read" books on his own because he doesn't know the word and just sitting and looking at the pictures often isn't enough. But these wordless picture books took care of that problem.

Runton uses image powered thought bubbles to share stories of flightless Owly and his unlikely friend Wormy. The expressive drawings are easy to follow and tell sweet stories of friendship and bravery. The Owly and Wormy books are colorful and for younger readers. While the black and white Owly books seemed to be designed for sightly older audiences (longer, not colorful, etc). My almost four year old tolerated one longer Owly book we read but loved the two Owly and Wormy books we checked out.

Product Details
Roly Poly Pangolin by Anna Dewdney
A short tale of an endangered pangolin who is afraid of new things. Pangolin is rolled up with fear until he meets another pangolin and finds out the world isn't so scary when you have a friend by your side. A nice option to help gently encourage a shy child. Includes a snippet of information about what a Pangolin is in the back.

Apple Pie ABC by Alison 
An alphabet motivated adventure of a naughty dog giving into the temptation to steal a fresh apple pie. Published in 2012, this book's vintage inspired illustrations make you feel like this book had been around for generations. A good seasonal option with just a little mischief.

By Mouse and Frog by Deborah Freedman
Mouse wants to write a story but frog keeps interrupting with his own outrageous ideas of what should happen. A frustrated mouse and exuberant frog must overcome conflict and learn to work together. Beautiful paint and watercolor illustrations. Everyone in our family really enjoyed this one.

Final Verdict
Everything I ready in the Owly & Wormy series was adorable. I also really enjoyed By Mouse and Frog. A good lesson and sweet images. I love that throughout the book, Mouse and Frog cross out Deborah Freedman's name and claim Mouse and Frog as the authors.

Bonus Mommy Book: Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina
This national bestselling parenting book blends scientific studies and personal antidotes to help the reader understand what environment and activities promote the development of a smart, happy, moral baby.

My personal feelings about this book are mixed. Its predominant audience seemed to be those pregnant with their first child. Reading it with a 3.5 and a one year old, I found myself skipping sections to lesson the guilt of not having done things "correctly." (Why stress myself over things I can't fix.) Occasionally, I also felt bogged down in the scientific studies about nature vs. nurture. I did really enjoy the last two or three chapters where Medina dealt with discipline and helping grow your child's moral compass. Also, there is a chapter that summarized the book's take away points from each earlier chapter.

If you appreciate scientific study backed information this book is ideal. Even if you are not so much into the science part, I would still recommend checking the book out, reading the summary section in the back and picking and choosing the parts that you need.

Have you read any of these books? Which ones are you adding to your "to-read" list?

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