A Fierce Flourishing Challenge - Week 7

This week's challenge:

Earlier this year, we talked about the idea that our souls need rest (see this post). The best place to go to find rest for our souls is the arms of our Heavenly Father. As moms of littles, it is hard to find time to be alone with God. Someone or something always needs our attention and earthly distractions tend to scream louder than His still small voice. 

This week embrace rest by making your devotional life a priority. Maybe this will involve getting up a little earlier this week, devoting a few minutes of nap time to reading your Bible or even asking your kids to play a quiet game for 5-10 minutes while mommy has her devotion time. 

If you do not currently have a devotional book you are working through or a Bible reading plan, here are some options to get you started this week.
  • Start the Gospel of John - When reading the Bible, many people often suggest you start with the Gospel of John. John focuses, in a clear yet profound way, on what Jesus said and who He was.  
  • Start the Gospel of Mark - Mark focuses on what Jesus did when he was here on earth. This action packed book covers most of Jesus' miracles and other major life events and is also the shortest gospel. 
  • Read a few chapter in Proverbs - The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters. Any day of the month you can look at the calendar and read the corresponding chapter. 
  • First5 app (available for Apple and Android devices) - I have not personally used this app, but I have heard good things about it. Developed by Proverbs 31 ministries this app has a built in alarm to help you get into the Word before you get distracted by the day. 
  • Reading Plans (like these from YouVersion) - A devotional reading plan is a wonderful way to get you started. Browse through the plans in the link above and pick a topic that interests you such as motherhood, marriage, fear, etc. Start with something short, 5-7 days, and work up to longer reading plans. 
Need a Bible? You can read on-line at YouVersion or Bible Gateway. Both of these sites also have free apps that allow you to download the Bible onto your smart device. 

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