A Fierce Flourishing Challenge - Week 5

This week's challenge:

Back in the 1980's corporate world, people talk about the "power suit," a classic, well tailored suit that projected an aura of self-confidence and authority. Maybe you had your own "power suit" at one time. It might not have been an actual suit. Maybe it was a pair of jeans that hugged in all the right places paired with a perfect top or a dress that made you feel the epitome of femininity. Whatever it was, whenever you put it on you felt at the top of your game. 

In the rush of dressing littles and the undeniable fact you will have food or someone else's bodily fluid thrust upon you today, it is easy for mom's go get out of the habit of dressing themselves in anything nice. Our challenge this week, is to wear something that makes you feel wonderful at least once. Find your version of the "mommy power suit," an outfit that projects self-confidence and self-love.

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