Ask a Mentor Mom - How can I help my preschooler be more patient?

How can I help my preschooler be more patient?

Response from Rose Ellen Roberts:
Show patients and model it. Have one sibling first hand out snack to others then themselves, then the other sibling pass out the juice boxes and then themselves. Don't always say yes right away. Have them learn delay satisfaction, have them earn stickers over time doing extra chores and reward with a time that the is appropriate to there age, Dr James Dobson has website that could help.
Response from Tina Waldher:
We practiced patience with cooking/baking. We took turns adding each ingredient (also sensory experience, taste/touch each ingredient). Patience in waiting for your turn, patience in final outcome. We also work on this skill with simple board games (we started with baking first, it was shorter waiting time and took less skill/knowledge).

There are different types of patience as well: long term goals, waiting room patience, patience with each other, etc. and different ways to practice each. Long term goals: marking off days on a calendar, using paper chains, getting one M&M each day from a count-down jar, etc 
  • Waiting room patience:  use the time to read short books, and phrasing such as "after 2 books we will ___." 
  • Patience with each other: we practice this with role modeling - we make a game of it. we play the "take-turn game" by knowing in advance we are taking turns, and exchanging toys (when a time beeps, at the count of 10, etc.). 
  • Patience in general: we also use a timer to countdown when (Mommy will be available to talk, etc.), and a special clock that shows red. We use this clock in a special ed preschool because it can be hard to know HOW to be patient if you do not know the parameters of when your wish will be fulfilled, time isn't a concrete thing at this age.
Response from Connie Saylor:
Find a good preschool song about patience and make a game of it- practicing it while you sing it. Then when it comes to a time patience is needed you can sing the song together.
Response from Marie Nelson:
Here is an old song...Love the chorus!

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