Children's Book Chat - 6/8/15

I'm excited! The Kitsap Regional Library's Summer Learning reading program started June 1. For the past two years,  I've helped my son participate in this program. Each year, we track our summer reading (using a tracker available here or at one their many branches). When we read 10 hours, we get a free book. If we could make it all the way to 100 hours, we would earn a t-shirt. We haven't read that much yet but there is always a first time! This summer, the program is open to everyone: babies, kids, teens, even adults (though the prizes are mainly for the babies, kids and teens). I'm hoping to lead/read by example and participate too! They have some fun shirts available.

100 Hours T-Shirts

To learn more about the program visit Kitsap Regional Library's website. Program runs till August 31st.

Hugs & Kisses  by Roberta Grobel Intrater
Part of the Baby Faces board book collection, Hugs & Kisses features ten photographs of babies and their parents. Images are paired with a cute, interactive rhyme that encourages hugging and kissing your own little one. Ideal for reading to babies who love faces or great for those of you who are still figuring out how to play with your little one. You can read the story and "act" the hugging and kissing out with your baby. Lots of fun for mommy and baby!

Hello Baby! by Mem Fox
The paper collage styled images featured in this compact board book reminded me of Eric Carle's work. Hello Baby asks your little one the question "Who are you?" and then suggest that they are possibly twelve different animals. The story finishes with the sweet sentiment that the baby is not one of the animals but the reader's treasure.

This book worked really well with both my baby and my preschool age child. The baby was interested by the sharp, clean, animal images while my preschooler related more to the questions asked in the story.

You Can Do It Too! by Karen Baicker
This brightly illustrated book tells the story of a sister teaching her toddler brother how to do things like slide down a slide, brush his teeth, etc. In the end, she learns something from her little brother too.  I really enjoyed the colorful paintings in this book. It is a great option if you have multiple young kids and want to illustrate positive sibling interactions.

Choo Choo by Virgina Lee Burton
Written by the same author as Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and The Little House, Choo Choo is another classic. This timeless story features a hard working engine that gets a little too self assured and decides to run away on her own only to cause a lot of trouble and get lost. Full of wonderful lessons, and beautiful black and white, charcoal artwork, this book is great for older preschoolers (its a little long for younger kids), especially train enthusiasts.

Babar's Little Girl by Laurent de Brunhoff
One of the original 30 books about the elephant king and his family, Babar's Little Girl focuses on the king's youngest daughter and her tendency to wander away from the family without letting them know where she is going. Again, this book is a little long, but the lesson is good. In fact, the lesson is very similar lesson to the one in Choo Choo but without the main character being in distress over being lost.

The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola
Written by the same author as the classic Strega NonaThe Art Lesson is an autobiographical of a boy who loves art. When he goes to his first grade art class, he is disappointed to learn that he is only allowed one piece of paper, can only use "school crayons" and must copy the teacher exactly. His teacher recognizes his talent and ambition though and they reach a compromise that allows him to grow his skill while still following the rules.

Along with wonderful lesson, I enjoyed how The Art Lesson transported you back to a time when it was perfectly acceptable for a child's main birthday gift to be a box of 64-count crayons. This book also reminded me that even a young child's dream can come true. That some of their hobbies and interest can become life-long endeavors.

Final Verdict
This library haul fell flat at our house. After the initial read, my kid's interests migrated back to our own books. Pesonally, I enjoyed Hello Baby! and The Art Lesson the most. I hope to check out The Art Lesson again when my kids are older and can appreciate the story more.

Have you read any of these books? Which ones are you adding to your to-read list?

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