Meeting Recap...February 27

If you missed out on our last MISSED OUT! But never fear, you can read all about it here!

I warn you...there will be no pictures for this post, as at the beginning of her talk on manners, Marie had us all put our cell phones into the middle of the tables. I follow the rules ladies! So my phone stayed there and no pictures were taken!

The craft for this meeting was an adorable home-made chalk board and our early bird prize was some yummy looking jerky, homemade by Rebekah McLaughlin.

As mentioned, Marie Nelson spoke to us about teaching our children manners.

She started by sharing that if our "values," are the big picture for our family, our manners are the vehicle that make our values known.  Our children's negative and positive "behaviors," come as a result of how well we are (not) managing our/their manners.

Marie also shared that there are three reasons our children may have "bad," manners.
1.  They are not developmentally ready to learn that particular manner.
2.  They have not been taught.
3.  They don't understand the rules (when kiddos struggle with ASD, ADD, ADHD, is difficult for them to understand social norms/rules).

When it comes to the second reason...the teaching...MODELING is the key.  Our children learn from us.  Marie asked us all to hold the mirror up to ourselves:

*Do you use please/thank you when you ask your children/husband to do something?
*Do you speak kindly to your husband when he walks in the door or with impatience?

Marie also spoke about 3 manners that every child should know:
1. How to hold eye contact
2.  To shake hands (web to web)
3.  How to have conversations by asking questions

A suggestion she shared for teaching your kiddos how to have conversations is by taking a ball, passing it to your child and asking them a question.  Once they answer it, it's their turn to pass it to you or someone else and ask a question in return. GREAT IDEA!!

Another suggestion she gave for PHONE conversations, was excellent as well.  Let your kiddos know ahead of time, that you need to make a phone call/or are almost done with your phone call.  Set the timer and let them know that when the timer is up you will be right with them.  I believe her exact words were, "your children need your undivided attention for such a short amount of time, it's ridiculous." So true and a great reminder.

She shared a couple books that she recommends for reading
1.  Dude, That's Rude - by Pamela Espeland
2.  365 Manners Kids Should know

Great big thanks to Marie for such great information and for all the books she brought to give out as well! We appreciate you!

Kim Rayfield is blessed and grateful to be afforded the opportunity to be a full time wife and momma. She loves her family, crafting, writing, coffee and Jesus (not necessarily in that order).