Thoughts from Our Moms - A Letter to Mamas of Littles

Deanna Gemmer has been a part of our PBF MOPS family for many years. She now finds herself on the "other side" of being a mom of littles with her two girls now in school. To keep up with Deanna, check out her blog This Could Take All Day.
To Mamas of Littles,

I’ve read a lot of manifestos about you all lately. I’ve read plenty of stories of exhaustion and thankless work. Stories of never having a moment alone. How you yearn for a moment’s peace not to read a book or paint your nails, but to use the bathroom, take a shower, heck, even sleep. How much your children need you. How much of yourself you give every single day.

How you wish someone just understood. How you know there are other mama’s out there that do, and you find them out there somewhere in that magical facebook-land. How you encourage one another when days are hard. How you laugh at the predicaments you find yourself or your children because, seriously, all you can do is laugh, or you might really start to ugly cry. How you tell each other “you’re doing a good job” and that “this is Kingdom work”.

And as I read about you and write my own words of encouragement to that “I’m not going to survive today” posts, I look around at my quiet office and realize I’m not one of you anymore. And that while I have moments of nostalgia, while I am learning to live with the ever present ache of growing children, I want so desperately for you to know,


One day you’ll be cooking dinner and instead of pulling little people from your legs so that you don’t spill boiling water on their sweet heads, you’ll be working on spelling words. Or, better yet, you’ll be helping your son stir the noodles into the pot.

One day you’ll be folding laundry and look over to find your older daughter snuggled on the couch and reading to her sister.

One day you’ll run downstairs because you realized the house is just a little too quiet, only to watch her look up from her coloring with surprise at the way you barreled down the stairs.

One day you’ll do dishes and catch glimpses of him playing outside with the neighbors.

One day you won’t have reached the renewal limit on that library book before you get it finished. One day your nails will be painted without chipping in the first hour. One day it will just be you and your husband in that big bed.

You mothers-of-preschoolers are fighting in the trenches. You’re mired in the mud. You’re crawling through a dark tunnel. 

I’m here to shout it from the rooftops so you’ll hear over the toddler tantrum screams: THERE IS LIGHT!

So keep on mama. Keep on.

Those of us who’ve made it to the other side. We’re cheering you on.

And, oh yeah, we’re here to hold your babies whenever you need us to.

PS: Also, anyone telling you they “enjoyed every minute” is a total liar. LI-AR. You can tell them I told you so.

Deanna Gemmer is a busy wife, Mama, foster Mama, photographer, writer, crafter and follower of Jesus. She used to write regularly at her blog, This Could Take All Day, but lately the posting has been less-than-regular. She blames that on raising two little people.