Ask A Mentor Mom - Help Sharing the Holidays


How do you balance the holidays between both sides of extended family, especially if one side doesn't hold the same belief system that you practice in your family?
Response from Carol Caldwell:
We always have shared the holidays, first with both sides of our family, and now with our kids who have in-laws. Christmas Eve is when we get together with our kids and grandkids. Then Christmas day afternoon, they go to their wives' families. We started that tradition when we were first married...Christmas Eve at my family and Christmas day with Bob's family. The kids were able to open gifts from grandparents on Christmas Eve. In the morning they had gifts from Santa and from us.
Response from Tina Waldher:
We alternate holidays - Thanksgiving with my family one year, his the next; Christmas Eve is always my family, his on Christmas day. Neither of our families are religious, but we celebrate Jesus with our children at home.
Response from Amber Grant:
For the holidays when we lived near both sides of family we celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Adam. (Before and after Christmas) it especially became more special as our family grew, so our kids could be home with their tree and presents and we weren't lugging them all over town, the state, and eventually the country
Response from Stacie Yocum:
We do the best we can to try to be fair with family but in the end, you have to do what is best for you own family! My husband's birthday happens to be on Christmas so the majority of the time my in laws visit us. They are not Catholic but realize that going to mass is an important part of tradition for our children.
Response from Laura Brown:
We have never really lived close to family. When we come to visit. Both my husband and I's family are very flexible to what works for us. Both families have the same beliefs. We all go to Christmas Eve service at church. We come home and do the final day of the advent calendar which is scripture. Christmas morning is presents. Thanksgiving is a quiet holiday. If family comes to us than that is wonderful. We always deep fry a turkey.
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What are some of the ways that you share the holidays with extended family while still preserving what's important to your family?