Ask a Mentor Mom - How to Maintain a Personal Relationship with Jesus

Our MOPS Mentor moms have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can learn from. We try to tap into just a bit of that knowledge with our Ask A Mentor Mom blog series. If you have a question you would like to ask our Mentor Moms, submit it using the Contact Us page or post it in the comments section below.

How did you make time to build/maintain a personal relationship with Jesus during this busy season of life?

Response from Marie Nelson:
There is an adage in finance that says "if you really want a secure future, pay yourself first". It means you are making an investment in yourself and your financial future, so you put money away for safe keeping every week/ pay yourself first, securing a means of support when you lose your earning potential! Well it is even more important when we are investing in our spiritual lives that we remember to give God the "first" of our time as well. 
Making time is not always easy when families, spouses, little ones, friends and chores makes demands of everything and every minute. Giving God our first means we trust Him to make the time He gives us stretch accordingly for all things that are NECESSARY for each day. Giving Him our first keeps the priorities straight and sets the example for our little ones that God desires and deserves a relationship with us, and we value that. Setting the clock just a wee bit earlier, before the daily rush begins, or perhaps taking a few quiet moments during the kiddos' nap times is a sure fire way keep investing in your spiritual future. Using a good devotional just for moms will help make that time more meaningful.
Response from Rose Ellen Roberts:
When the kids where very young and I was nursing them, I read my bible and always pray as I changed diapers.
Response from Stacie Yocum:
I put things around my house and car to remind to think of God and talk to him. The last 30 seconds of my shower I pray for extra help to get through the day!
Response from Laura Brown:
I pray as soon as I get out of bed and the kids and I read the brick bible together at night.

What are some of the things you do to build/maintain a busy relationship with Jesus during this busy season of life?


  1. I put on music and worship through the day. There are days that I might not have the time to sit down and dig into my bible, but I always have time to listen to music. In the shower, washing dishes, running errands God will meet with you anywhere. I also have the Bible App on my phone. So when I am waiting at an appointment or waiting in the carpool lane, I can get some bible reading done.


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