Mom's Night Out - Pallet Party

Mom's Night Out on February 13th blended the creativity and chatty personalities of fourteen MOPS moms as we all gathered at Amber Wristen’s house to paint wooden pallets into art.  The first few guests arrived to the smell of fresh baking tortilla chips, and by the time we all arrived, the food spread was impressive, including chocolate covered strawberries, lil smokies, several types of dips and dipping vessels, Popeye’s chicken, and heart-shaped, chocolate drizzled rice Krispie treats.

The fellowship and beauty throughout the evening was even more impressive than the feast.  As soon as our bellies were full, we proceeded to pick out our pallets from the stack Amber had prepped for us, and whipped out smart phones’ Pinterest apps to generate ideas for our art.  We took turns sanding our pallets in the garage, and soon the smell of spray paint wafted through the space.Who says girls can't use power tools?

Brushes big and small gave life to our ideas and shaped letters, bible verses, poppies, the shape of Washington State, and so many more wonderful designs that will soon be decorating MOPS households across the Puget Sound.  

Though most of us were our worst critics, we encouraged and lifted each other up with our story sharing and laughter.

All agreed we should do it again, and by the end of the night someone volunteered to go get more pallets for another night.  Thank you Amber for a wonderful evening!

And special thanks to Emily Moore and Maria Dahms for the write-up and pictures!


  1. WONDERFUL evening and my husband adores the on I made for him. He hung it in our bedroom the next day. I would do this again in a nanosecond!!!!!

  2. I want to come to the next one!!!


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