Date Night Part I - Night Out

Most of us have heard about the importance of keeping our relationship with our spouses strong and central in our lives. How, besides our relationship with God, the spousal relationship should be the most important relationship we have.  But actually doing it: putting the time and effort into maintain that relationship is hard! Being parents of preschoolers, it is easy for both husband and wife to get wrapped up in wiping snotty noses, picking up piles of messes and all the things that are necessary to keep a household functioning. But we really do need to make time for each other, and that is where date night comes in.

Our MOPS ladies have been kind enough to share some great, local date night ideas*. Read through the list below and pick one out. We challenge you to make date night a priority this month. 




Taking date night outside of the house not feasible right now? Check back next week for Date Night Part II - Night In.

So how about it? What is your favorite date night place/activity on the Kitsap Peninsula? Did you take the challenge to have a date this month? Tell us about your date night.

*These suggestions and opinions are gathered from MOPS moms and are not necessarily endorsed by MOPS International or PBF MOPS.