Photography Tip: Focus on the Details

As you get out your camera during this season of magic, take a few moments to look around and take in the details. Details can tell your story and capture your memories in unique ways. Put on some Christmas tunes, walk around your house, and snap some of those small things that are special to you and your family.

Here are some of my favorite "detail" photos from throughout the years to inspire you.

The year we got a new set of ornaments!

Stockings stuffed and ready. My grandma would knit these stockings for each of her nieces and nephews but she passed away when I was young. My mom has the pattern and has commissioned knitting friends of hers to make these for the husbands and next generation of kids. 

One year we picked up a bunch of Christmas books at the library, so I set up a display and snapped a picture. We love reading with our kids, and new books at Christmas seem to make this ritual even more special.

My daughter (here 2, now 6) playing with a nativity set.

I like this shot of the tree with a sweet girl out-of-focus in the background.

A handmade ornament I made one year for an exchange. I was really proud of that little thing!
Small hands adding lots of sprinkles to sugar cookies.

A unique view of our tree. I love coming home and seeing the tree all lit up inside, so I took a picture.

Christmas cookies and milk and a note for Santa.
The traditional reading of "The Night Before Christmas" at bedtime on Christmas Eve. I grew up with my dad reading this every year. As a young adult I found this copy under the tree with a note from my dad: "It's about time you had your own copy." Makes me tear up a little just thinking of it.

How about you? Have you thought about capturing some of the details of your holiday season? Comment below and share your favorite "detail" photo, or one you now plan to take.