Early Bird Prize for November 22

All moms who check in to MOPS by 9:30 on Fridays are eligible for the early-bird prize. Great incentive for getting there early? We hope so!

This week's prize is a bunch of goodies from Melaleuca, courtesy of wellness advisor Emily Moore.

Tell us a little about yourselfWe are a military family about to transfer to the civilian world. We have two daughters, Brylie, 6 and Mikayla, 2, and Nolan and I have been married almost seven years.   I am an avid reader, aspiring novelist, self-imposed health and environment enthusiast and consumer informant.

Tell us a little about Melaleuca and why you love what you doI am a wellness adviser for Melaleuca where I refer customers that I think will benefit from and love their health and wellness products as much as I do.  The company has over 400 products, everything from cleaning products (cleaners, antibacterial, hand soap, laundry detergent) to body products (health supplements, skin healing lotion, vitamins, and weight management) that not only are safe for our homes and families, but also many of them are concentrated so that less waste is going into the landfills.  They are so concerned about the environment that even their factories strive to maintain a minimal carbon foot print and reduce their wastes.  For all these reasons and more, I am a Melaleuca customer for life!

Early-Bird Prize: The early bird gift I am donating is a variety basket with the Koala Pals children's bubble bath, Renew Intensive Skin Therapy, the seasonal White Amber Jasmine Lotion and Shower Creme, a Sweet Citrus Peach soap bar, Pain-a-trate muscle pain cream, Sun Valley Cinnamon Sticks room spray, as well as a one-on-one home and family wellness evaluation and presentation.

Contact Emily: email, facebook, website, or 530-410-2734