Billie's booties

For years and years, every new baby at MOPS is blessed with a pair of handmade booties as a gift. Ever wonder where all those booties come from?

We are truly blessed to have Billie Malone HAND KNIT each pair of those cute booties. Billie was our lead MOPS Mentor and MOPS teacher for over 25 years. Many, many, many moms have passed through MOPS with Billie as Mentor Mom. Her impact on moms, their families and their communities continues to ripple throughout Kitsap County and beyond. And, now she continues to support MOPS by knitting those adorable booties for our group. 

Have you received a pair of these booties from Billie at MOPS? Leave a comment below letting us (and dear Billie) know how they blessed you.


  1. I received two pairs of booties for my twin boys, November 2005, at my first MOPS meeting when my boys were 3 months old. They now hang on our Christmas tree each year. Each year when they hang them, my boys exclaim in wonder and amazement, that they were once small enough to wear those booties. They still remember MOPS, it was such a blessing to me, to them and our family. Billie has been a heaven-sent blessing to our family. Her mentoring and guidance aided me and my family through a time of great struggle, and helped me to find the blessings hidden in the every-day.

  2. LOVE that you use them as Christmas ornaments. What a sweet idea!


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