Special Time

My daughter has been asking for some special time lately. Our schedules have all been changing as she goes to school three afternoons a week, my husband's position and days off are switching, and my orchestra season is in full swing. This all adds up to very little time together as a complete family. So this morning I decided to spend a special morning with my girls at the Sugar and Spice Tea Company. Those who know me, know I LOVE tea!  All things tea!  And this tea shoppe is just the thing for a girl who loves all things tea!  

We called our Auntie (who has also been asking for some special time- two birds, right?!) to meet us, put our boots on, and loaded up in the car for the drive to downtown Poulsbo. Despite it's location right next to Sluys, we saved our stomachs for the crumpets and cookies at Sugar and Spice! By this time we know the owner Kris well, so despite the closed sign on her door, she waved us in. 

Once inside the girls ran right past the adorable, locally made wares and straight to the back section where they knew dress-up items were waiting for them. Hats, feather boas, tiaras and gloves were quickly tried on and decided upon. Both the girls chose tiaras and pink gloves, while I stayed classic with a faux fur and pillbox hat.  

We were ready for our table- complete with tea cups, saucers, linens, and sugar cube bowl. Auntie and I ordered a pot of pumpkin cheesecake tea while the girls had their own special mini-pots of fruity, herbal tea. Soon our crumpets were delivered, along with fresh butter and jam, and Selah's pumpkin chocolate cookie. The sugar bowl was quickly emptied of half it's contents before Auntie or I could stop them, and the girls were happily drinking their tea.  

A lovely time was had by all and it was the perfect way to show my little girls that I think they're special! If you're looking for a special experience to share with your child, or some fun fall teas (I came home with brandied apricot!), take a trip to Sugar and Spice in downtown Poulsbo. You'll love the store, the tea, and the experience!   

Make some special time for your little ones today! 

Kristin Guy is an Executive Director of Household Development at Guy, Inc.  She spends her mornings planning playdates, wiping noses, and searching Pinterest for art projects for her girls; and her evenings in rehearsals for her woodwind quintet or symphony orchestra.  She is married to the most wonderful man ever, and has two adorable daughters.  Her beautiful mess can be seen just about any day of the week in her Poulsbo home.