Fall Crafts

Yes, I admit it, I'm a bit of a pinterest-junkie. Whenever I describe pinterest to a friend who hasn't heard of it yet, I tell her it's a "visual bulletin board" for your "internet bookmarks". I admit I'm the mama with the notebook full of ideas and articles that I've clipped from magazines over the years. But with the invention of pinterest--I clip no longer!

Here are a few fun fall crafts I've found and pinned, all in one place just for you, and some I've even tested out with a couple of adorable preschoolers of my own!

Lois Elhert wrote a lovely book called "Leaf Man" about a little man who goes where the wind blows. Check it out from the library, and then head outside to make leaf man crafts of your own! All you need is some paper, glue, and maybe a few googly eyes.

This guy took the leaf-man one step further and used leaves to make all kinds of creatures.

Even simpler? Glue those found leaves to popsicle sticks, add some googly eyes, and you've got yourselves a puppet or two!

Another easy idea are these paper apples and fall trees. Pre-cut the pieces for your little ones, or let your scissor-loving 4-year-old cut the pieces out for himself. Either way, all you need is construction paper, paper plates, and glue.

You can use the same cut/tear method to make these adorable candy corns.

Take your fall tree (or pumpkin) up a notch by providing fruit loops for gluing! And be an even cooler mom by letting your kiddos snack on the leftovers.

If you're a brave mama, bring out the washable tempura paints and some q-tips, and let your kiddos make a fall tree using those supplies.

And for those extra amazing, extra special, dont-care-about-a-mess, mamas, how about these handprint and thumbprint trees? I'm a sucker for anything with a handprint, so you know if we made this craft at our house it would go in the "save forever" bin.

I hope these crafts inspire you to get off the computer and get to your table for some fun times and memory making with your kids.