Contest Announcement: Hack Your Shack

We all have 'em. You know, those annoying little problems that just get in your way as you go about your mommy business day-to-day. 

For me, my problem was all those sippy cups. I couldn't stand the cup cupboard and the way they would all fall out or fall over whenever I'd go digging for that particular one that a small child was in desperate need of that day.

We all need 'em: those tips to make these problems disappear.

My solution for the sippys was as simple as a basket. Throw all those cups and lids and straws in one place. is so much better.

And actually, this simple hack inspired me to go one step further and move ALL the kid's plates and cups and whatnot down to a lower cabinet. Now they can help empty the dishwasher, get their dishes for meals, and grab a cup for themselves whenever they want some water. (Hallelujah for children who are tall enough to reach the sink themselves!)

I know you've got a simple hack like this at your house; a solution you came up with that makes you a happier mama. Don't keep it to yourself. Share with us! 

To make this blog even more fun and encouraging to you our dear MOPS mamas, each week we want to feature a creative or unexpected solution to an everyday challenge you face. And we want these hacks to come from you.

So let's have a contest, with a prize of course. Our own Stephanie Hughes makes beautiful pinterest-worthy creations from old windows, and she's got one in the works to give to the randomly-drawn winner.


-Email your hack to
-All entries MUST include a photograph or picture.
-By entering this contest you agree to let us publish your idea and photo on this blog.
-Multiple entries accepted...keep those ideas coming in!
-Contest ends January 10th, but we're hoping to have enough hacks to feature them all year long.

So turn in those ideas ladies! Let's Hack your Shack!