Toddler Pinterest Fails

We all know about pinterest right? I look at it all the time and pin many fabulous and wonderful ideas that I can't wait to try. The kids in the pictures look so happy and content and their parents claim they've been busy for hours!

So I get inspired, gather things around the house to try out these no-fail ideas that are guaranteeing me time to sit in peace.

But.... toddler apparently hates pinterest. He thinks pinterest and it's ideas are ridiculous. I have not been successful at finding one activity that he will do. There is no quiet sitting and focused concentration. Not even a little bit. Not with the fridge magnets, the paint in the ziploc bag, the pipe cleaners andthe colander, the fabric strips in the empty wipes container. None of it.

We are a couple of big giant pinterest fails around here. I'm going to make a new website and call it dirt-pinterest. Because that's really the only thing that keeps Cohen busy for more than 2.5 seconds. Until I get that site up and running I will continue to pin all the wonderful looking activities that I wish Cohen cared about and continue to let him do what he actually wants to do -- play in the dirt. I guess it's cheaper anyway.

What about you? Do you have pinterest fails in your Beautiful Mess? Share them in the comments...we all need a good laugh today I think.

Jana is a wife and a mother to three boys: two here on earth and one in heaven. She is a mostly stay-at-home mom, trying to balance life with a rambunctious 2-year-old and his 3-month-old baby brother. She keeps track of the journey of life, love, and loss at Keeping Up with the Kimmels.


  1. Today's pinterest fail: best playdough EVER with the "magic step"....came out an ooey gooey mess all over our hands. Time to go back to basics!

  2. ha! my boys are the same way. dirt keeps 'em busy. most memorable fail was heart stamping paint project. could only get them to smear paint interest in actually using the stamp.


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